Vendor search has changed! New services are available. Please see this UO Excelsior forum post for details.

The purpose

Browsing vendors can be fun, when you don't have anywhere to be or anything specifically that you want to buy. However, I find it to be a pain when I am looking for something! I created this UOEX Vendors (EXList) website to alleviate that headache. Use this site to locate items and see vendor restocks all in one place.

Of course none of this would be possible without the awesome staff and administrators that make Excelsior a great place to play.

What is searchable?

The website is updated completely automatically, every 5 minutes. Notice the field at the top right indicating the last time the database was updated.

Through collaboration with the shard admin a new indexing system has been implemented. Vendors located in Town Center and Makato Zento are indexed and searchable at not additional cost to the owner. Vendor owners must pay a fee to make their vendors searchable if they are located elsewhere. You can set your indexing preference in the vendor control gump. These fees are removed the economy, Temoc doesn't get your money.
For a more official description please see the EXCELSIOR DAILY Forum posts.

The location field in the search results will tell you where to find a vendor. Town Center and Makato Zento are self explanatory. Shops on the world teleporter are preceeded by "Shop:". Houses not in the shops menu of the world teleporter are preceeded by "House:".

Finally, prices have been removed from the site in order to seek a balance between the ease of searching vendors and the classic aspects of the game that led to the creation of Town Center, Makato Zento and player run vendor malls. This action was taken after careful discussion with the shard admins.

-Temoc 03-December-2013

Advanced Search

Advanced search has been added. This allows you to build more complicated queries. To use advanced search select "Advanced" from the drop down menu then type a query. Some example queries are: Note the use of double quotes around the strings.

  • name contains "ring" and props contains "taming"
  • name contains "yumi" and props contains "hit life leech"
Aside from name and props, the following keywords can be used:
  • name
  • properties
  • props
  • vendorname
  • shopname
  • ownername
  • location
And the following operators have been defined:
  • contains
  • notcontains
  • ( Note: Spaces required on each side of operator
  • ) Note: Spaces required on each side of operator
  • and
  • or
  • *
If you want to get really complicated you can use or and grouping (). The grouping characters () must contain a space on each side.
  • name contains "yumi" and ( props contains "hit life leech" or props contains "hit mana leech" )
Finally, in advanced search you can use the wildcard character * to match any character.
  • name contains "brac*"

The creator

Feel free to send any comments or suggestions to Temoc in game. "[pm Temoc".

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